About us

“Quality Is Our Tradition”

100% Family Owned & Operated


Making our food daily using only the freshest ingredients has made 3 Brothers Pizza a pioneer since 2013. All of our dishes are handcrafted and made to order. Our pizza dough is made from scratch and given the proper time to rise. You’ll find its freshness is our signature calzones & delicious pizzas. Our vegetables are chopped and roasted early each morning and again in small batches throughout the day. Those fresh roasted veggies then make their way into our dishes, including many of the toppings on our pizzas. Our tomato sauces for pizza & pasta dishes are made from scratch daily with our own blend of tomatoes and hand cut fresh herbs. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our process, and we believe it’s a difference you can taste in every dish on our menu. As a Masterchef contestant (Brother George) on chef Gordon Ramsey’s TV show on fox.com/Masterchef has increased our knowledge & passion for our restaurant & menu. Join us for a glass of local wine & taste the difference!!