Fundraising at 3 Brothers Pizza

Earn a delicious 20% towards your next fundraiser! It’s our pleasure here at 3 Brothers Pizza to aide in your efforts to raise money for your charity. 


  • All fundraisers must create a flyer and have it approved by 3 Brothers Pizza
  • Flyers will be collected by 3 Brothers to confirm what orders are associated with the fundraiser
  • Fundraisers are only available Tuesday through Thursday (Not Available on holidays)  
  • The following business day 3 Brothers Pizza will write a check for 20% of the sales from all orders placed with the flyer made out to your charity/organization
  • Flyers can be used for Dine-in, Takeout or Delivery
  • 3 Brothers Pizza discounts cannot be combined with fundraiser orders

Apply for your fundraiser today below!

    For more information call (440) 234-2525

    Or email us at